Building Surveying

Access audits

Access audits were originally required by the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) although the Equalities Act (2010) enforces the requirements. The purpose of the Act is to improve disabled access to buildings. An access audit proves that you are looking at your responsibilities under the Act and have a report with recommendations that will allow you to plan and budget for any work to be carried out.

The report will identify problem areas that can be prioritised.

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Building Surveys

This is a detailed form of survey that is suitable for all types of residential and commercial property but particularly properties that are older or of larger than normal proportions. Each element of the structure is inspected in detail and advice provided upon the condition of that element and whether any repairs are required. Maintenance matters are also considered. Further advice can be provided if it is your intention to extend.

If required, we can also provide a market valuation and reinstatement figure.

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CDM co-ordination (Construction Design and Management)

Since 2007, the Construction Design and Management 2007 (CDM) regulations impose a number of specific obligations if you are to either construct, demolish, alter or extend a building or structure. The extent of the duty will vary depending upon the type of scheme that is to be undertaken but, in most cases, you will need advice to deal with the issues involved.

Our Chartered Building Surveyors are able to advise and assist in order to co-ordinate health and safety aspects of the design work and to co-operate with other parties involved in the project. We would also deal with the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that the scheme is a success.

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Employer's Agent

Using our extensive knowledge of construction and design we are able to manage development projects. There is no commonly accepted standard role but we are able to provide advice in all aspects of pre-construction planning, appointing consultants, managing clients and third party liaison, preparing employer’s requirements and other tender documentation as well as implementing any changes.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Each year, accidents caused by fire and smoke inhalation in buildings lead to many deaths. Since October 2006, new fire safety rules were introduced whereby anyone who has control over premises must take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of fire occurring and ensure that in the worst case scenario, occupants can safely escape. The regulations apply to all non domestic properties and include the communal areas of flats.

A “responsible” person must be appointed to undertake a fire risk assessment to identify the possible hazards and reduce the risk of those hazards occurring to an acceptable level.

We are experienced in the provision of fire risk assessments on all types of commercial property and blocks of flats.

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Insurance Assessment and Claims

If your property is affected by damage caused by either flooding or fire, then you should instruct a Chartered Building Surveyor to assess the damage and then negotiate with the loss adjuster on your behalf in order to obtain a proper settlement.

Once the claim is made and agreed with the insurance company, we can oversee the project to reinstate the building to the satisfaction of all parties.

It is also vital that your building is properly insured. We are able to undertake valuations for the purposes of reinstatement in a traditional style and format or, for replacement of an outdated building, using modern construction methods.

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Party Wall Advice

If you propose to undertake an extension or structural alterations which may have an affect upon the strength or function of a party wall which might cause damage to the adjoining property, then a Party Wall Agreement is required.

As the building owner, you must notify adjoining owners of your intention to undertake work. This notice gives adjoining owners the right to appoint a surveyor to protect their property against potential damage.

The surveyor will prepare a document setting out the rights and responsibilities of the respective owners which is known as a ‘Party Wall Award’. This is a legally binding document.

We regularly prepare Party Wall Awards for parties undertaking work and those affected by it.

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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is often an overlooked aspect of property occupation and is key to achieving the maximum life of its fabric and services. Consequently, running costs can be minimised and the value of your asset increased. We regularly provide advice to all types of property owners on maintenance matters and can, in consultation, implement a cycle of planned maintenance.

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Planning and Building Regulation Applications

If you propose to either build a new property or wish to either extend or convert an existing structure, then you will, in most cases, require planning permission. Whilst certain works do not require planning consent, it is always advisable to take advice from one of our chartered building surveyors who will be able to assist during the planning process.

If the planning application is in line with your local authority’s plans for that area, you can usually expect to receive planning permission within 8 weeks. However, you should be aware that if you undertake any work without obtaining permission when it should have been obtained, then the local planning authority can insist that the property is reinstated to its original condition.

Building Regulations define how a new building or alteration is to be constructed so that the property is structurally safe, protected from the risk of fire, is energy efficient and has adequate ventilation for its purpose. Any structural alterations require building regulation approval, however small.

Legislation relating to the grant of planning permission and building regulation approval is continually changing. If you are proposing to undertake any extensions or alterations to your property then you should seek professional advice from one of our chartered building surveyors.

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Schedules of Dilapidation

Schedules of dilapidation are provided for both landlords and tenants.

A landlord needs to ensure that his property is adequately maintained during the period of a lease to protect its value. We are able to undertake an interim inspection which can alert a tenant to potential problems which require attention.

A final schedule of dilapidations will identify items of disrepair that need to be made good by the tenant under the terms of the lease. This schedule can form the basis of a claim by the landlord against the tenant. If necessary, we can progress the matter to arbitration although ideally, negotiations can be entered into and the matter resolved amicably.

From the tenant’s point of view, landlords occasionally make excessive claims against them at the end of their lease. We are able to inspect the property, advising upon the validity of the landlord's claim and negotiate a settlement.

Dealing with dilapidations requires knowledge of both construction and landlord and tenant law.

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Specific Defect Advice

Normally it is only when properties are sold that these defects come to light, when drawn to the attention of an intending purchaser by their surveyor.

We are able to provide specific advice upon the defect that has been identified and can recommend a course of remedial action. We can obtain quotations on your behalf, supervise the repair works and certify that they have been undertaken to an appropriate standard.

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Stock Condition Surveys

A stock condition survey is provided for either a local authority or housing association so that they can obtain an accurate picture of the condition of their housing stock and its future maintenance needs.

The survey will identify the minimum level of expenditure required to bring all properties up to the decent homes standard and then to maintain them at that standard for the foreseeable future. The survey will also identify expenditure required to meet the obligations of the public sector owner and to meet the aspirational requirements of the tenants.

A stock condition survey therefore allows the instructing authority to make effective investment decisions so that they can implement a meaningful long term business plan.

We have undertaken a number of large scale stock condition surveys in various parts of the country and have successfully run teams of surveyors who, in some instances, spent many weeks on site obtaining information in order that the instructing body is fully aware of the present condition of their housing stock and its future maintenance requirements. Using this information, a financial plan can be formulated in light of the future maintenance and improvement needs of the portfolio.

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