Residential Property Case Study

We were instructed to undertake a Homebuyer Report on a modern detached house to the west of Manchester. At first sight, this appeared to be a straightforward survey.

Having closely examined the walls and roof, the surveyor then focused upon windows. Replacement uPVC windows had been installed and a conservatory added to the rear elevation.

The surveyor noted that a number of glazed roof panels in the conservatory contained condensation between the panes of glass. Surprisingly, he also noted that sealant between the rear and side walls of the conservatory were separating. On closer examination, it became apparent that the glazed roof was not properly restrained and was causing the rear windows in the conservatory to distort. Eventually, the roof could have collapsed.

Advice was given to the client to strengthen the roof frame which was duly undertaken by the vendor, and the transaction proceeded.

This was a potentially serious defect which could have led to failure of the conservatory roof, had Scanlans experienced surveyor not spotted the problem.


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